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I’m pretty sure most of you want to improve the appearance of our Instagram account and receive more interactions but you don’t not know how to do it .

If you want to add some flavor to your Instagram account, become an expert in publications, increase your number of likes and comments, continue reading this article because I will present you an app that will take your Instagram to another level.

It is a totally free application that will be very useful and will help you to achieve the goals mentioned before. I will explain how to schedule an Instagram post, how to edit it correctly, get an interesting and attractive group of hashtags that would increase your interactions and finally start being successful on Instagram.


First thing you gotta do

  1. Download the application, it is called PREVIEW and it is available in your Appstore and also in your Playstore

It is important that in order to obtain the benefits of this app we must have our Instagram account previously configured as a business account, we must change it to a commercial account to be able to access the different opportunities that this application offers us.

Once we have our Instagram account configured as a commercial account, we proceed to open our application, dont worry if you get get 3 options, its just that this application has 3 versions, a free version, a pro and a premium the last two require of a monthly payment. To begin using the app we will use the free version since it cover our needs and later we could choose to pay a subscription depending on our experience, but I am sure that we can take much advantage of the free version, for which it is not necessary to make any payment.

To start using the appl, we can register with our email or we can simply access through facebook and avoid a small registration process. As previously, we have already linked our commercial instagram with the facebook page, it will automatically redirect us and our instagram profile will open.

And now we can start enjoying this great application


The organization of the feed and the success of our profile are extremely attached. This application allows you to have a preview of how your photos would look before publishing them and how you can organize them correctly since having a successful Instagram profile is not just uploading many photos a day with no order, it is necessary to create harmony and connection in all our posts to attract the target audience, give the profile an aesthetic, create a visual identity, since we all know that good engagement helps to sell more and establish a stronger relationship between company and public.

To have an example of how our published photos will look, you just go to the tab that says add and then photos. You can select all the photos you want to upload to get an idea of ​​how they will look, once selected a group of picture you can edit them and move them to customize your feed.



Nowadays hashtags are an indispensable tool when uploading content, and if you are asking what are they for. Hashtags are keywords that become trends and they help spread relevant information about products, events, news, challenges. Its power is to help gain brand reach, increase market presence and make it easy for your target audience to find you. But the hashtags, as well as the organization of the feed, must be something planned, structured that carries the correct trend to achieve a good result, that is why this app gives you a group of hashtags that have already been used and will help you to have success with your pictures. Generating more interaction.

Finding the correct group of hashtags is very easy

1. Click on the tools tab up on the left side corner

2. Click on hashtag groups link and there we can find some predetermined hashtags according to the topic we chose or we can manually add our own.

To finish we only add a name to the group of hashtags that we just created previously and when we are going to upload our photo we just select that group and that’s it. we can investigate what trend is at the moment and have it present in each post to achieve the goal of getting into our target. 

We can prove the effectiveness of each group of hashtags and then use the one that brings us the most benefit. very simple right.


There are a large number of filters that can improve the appearance of your photos and to add them to you you just have to select the photo you want to modify, click here on the wheel and choose the filter of your preference

You can also completely modify your photo by selecting this Settings option.

Here you can adjust its orientation, crop it, enhance certain colors, blur, soften the skin, correct red eyes, add text, draw on the photo and even whiten teeth. Go and discover the number of tools to upload your photo as you like.


Just as it is important to choose the proper order of your photos and use the correct hashtags, it is extremely important to schedule your post in advance so you can have a nice order in your feed.

I will show you how to program a publication with a date and time and if you are a somewhat clueless person like me, this will help you a lot since you can organize your week and even your month with just a few clicks.

The first thing you should do is select the photo that you have previously uploaded but that you have not published yet and click on the cloud that I am pointing in yellow.

Then Click in schedule post

To finish, we just have to choose the date and time we want our photo to be published.

I hope this article has been very helpful to you, go and download the app and discover the amount of tools that it offers us. Share this valuable information with your friends.


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