Instagram Tips 2020 pt 1.

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In this article I will be telling you the best tips that Instagram has added to the platform in the last months. These tips range from putting multiple images in a story, to super easy ways to hide your photo tags.

How to add multiple photos in an instagram story 2020?

 This trick is quite simple but we use it almost daily making collages in our stories

 1.In iPhone it is very simple you go to the photo gallery, select the one you want click in the lower left corner (share icon) , then you must select “copy photo” once copied you must open Instagram, and if you have the last update of 2020, you will probably see the option to add a sticker, but if not, you select the text tool, leave pressed to see the options and click paste (as you do with phrases or text normally) and there you will have your photo in the story, you can do this with all the photos you want.

2.For Android (Samsung, LG, Nokia, Huawei, etc) you must open the photo gallery or find the image you want, take a screenshot of one or more photos. You must open Instagram and go to the text tool, once this tool is activated you look for your clipboard and there you will see the screenshots of your images, you select the ones you want and paste them and there you have a collage in your Instagram story

How to make rainbow text in instagram stories 2020?

This trick is very easy:

1.You must create a background of the color you want.

  1. Then select the text tool, to make it easier make the text larger, select the whole word, and you will see that it has some controllers that are the size of the selection.

3.Select the last color that instagram suggests, leave it pressed, then press the controller at the end of the word selection at the same time.

4.Finally you move both things to the left without releasing them until they have reached the first color. In this way the word will have multiple colors that are in order and allows you to create the rainbow effect.

How to hide the labels of the stories?

This is perhaps the easiest trick I have ever known but at the same time it has been too useful for me when I want to tag someone but I don’t want other people seeing the other person’s account.

All you have to do is write the tag of the person as you normally would, then you drag the name or tags and drop it  outside the screen,  this way it is still active but it will be invisible to the rest of the people.

If you are interested in watching the video tutorials of this please go to the article (in spanish) for a more visual explanation


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