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3 Apps to GET OVER your EX! – It is time to move forward

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Breaking up with your partner is the worst feeling in the world. we’ve all had our hearts broken at some point in our lives. Fortunately, technology is an ally for us since there are many apps that can help you take better care of yourself, using meditation and writing to holistic wellness tools that can help a broken heart. In this article you will find 3 incredible apps that will make your process easier, keep …

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Lookup who SHE/HE is texting

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Today we’ve come with a very spicy article. As everyone knows the basis of a good relationship is the trust between the couple. However, it is good to be sure of their intentions and know the truth before is too late. Thanks to technology you can have apps to check your partner’s cell phone, however most of them are not legal. Today we will be talking about a safe way to do it. CLICK BELOW …

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I’m pretty sure most of you want to improve the appearance of our Instagram account and receive more interactions but you don’t not know how to do it . If you want to add some flavor to your Instagram account, become an expert in publications, increase your number of likes and comments, continue reading this article because I will present you an app that will take your Instagram to another level. It is a totally …

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Instagram Tips 2020 pt 1.

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In this article I will be telling you the best tips that Instagram has added to the platform in the last months. These tips range from putting multiple images in a story, to super easy ways to hide your photo tags. How to add multiple photos in an instagram story 2020?  This trick is quite simple but we use it almost daily making collages in our stories  1.In iPhone it is very simple you go …