3 Apps to GET OVER your EX! – It is time to move forward

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Breaking up with your partner is the worst feeling in the world. we’ve all had our hearts broken at some point in our lives.

Fortunately, technology is an ally for us since there are many apps that can help you take better care of yourself, using meditation and writing to holistic wellness tools that can help a broken heart. In this article you will find 3 incredible apps that will make your process easier, keep reading as I will explain how each one works and what benefit it will bring to your life.


With a broken heart we already know that its difficult to sleep, we get anxiety attacks, it is difficult for us to concentrate, but CALM is the number one application for sleeping and meditating in the world, already proven by millions of people, who experience less stress, less anxiety and a more restful sleep. This app has an extensive catalog of guided meditations for moments to control anxiety and stress attacks, as well as sessions that help us find tranquility, forgiveness, relaxation and joy. The app has a section dedicated to improving the quality of sleep with stories and music.



Moodnotes, a new app to manage our mood. The mood diary gives us a space to record our thoughts and feelings as many times as they change throughout the day, created by design experts and clinical psychologists, this app is based on the scientifically contents of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology.
It is a mobile solution for psychological assistance that will monitor your state of mind since you must be constantly recording it since you must scan your and write what you feel to develop a correct analysis. This will increase your self-awareness, bring new perspectives to each situation, help reduce anxiety, and increase feelings of well-being.
Discover your mood patterns, get help, Identify your thinking traps, Give perspectives to new situations.



The most popular goal setting and habit tracking app helping millions of people around the world.

Restart your habits and transform your life in just 24 days. Create a healthier and happier life. Fabulous will help you increase your energy levels, be more focused, lose weight, sleep better, build healthy habits and routines in your life.

You will record all your goals for the day, such as drinking water, reading a book, exercising, doing housework, studying, eating healthy. And this app will send you notifications constantly, it will be watching you all day, pushing you to achieve your goals and creating the best habits in you.


I hope this article will help you to overcome your ex partner and remember that life is only one, enjoy it, live each day at a time. And remember time heals every broken heart.


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